What is Rooster Comb Therapy?

Believe it or not, a standard non-invasive arthritis treatment rests in roosters. Yes, those crowing animals from the farm. The sugar molecule hyaluronan is a naturally occurring substance found in humans’ joint fluid, eyes, connective tissue, and umbilical cords. However, hyaluronan is also found in rooster combs — the red flap of skin on a rooste...
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What is Ultherapy and What Can it Do for My Skin?

A facelift — without surgery. Sound too good to be true? Ultherapy is a newer treatment comparable to a facelift, no surgery required. As we grow, our bodies naturally show signs of aging. It is common for people to feel less confident in their skin as it begins to wrinkle. There are many medical and dermatological options for those looking to impr...
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Are Botox Injections Safe During Pregnancy?

When women are accustomed to undergoing cosmetic treatments to maintain their appearance, it can be hard to quit these practices after becoming pregnant. So, the question arises: are these procedures harmful to a baby? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very clear. Little research has been conducted to determine the risk that Botox injections may...
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