Are Botox Injections Safe During Pregnancy?

When women are accustomed to undergoing cosmetic treatments to maintain their appearance, it can be hard to quit these practices after becoming pregnant. So, the question arises: are these procedures harmful to a baby? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very clear.

Little research has been conducted to determine the risk that Botox injections may pose to an unborn baby. This lack of research is due ethical reasoning. Most doctors would not conduct a clinical study on a pregnant patient.

There have been cases where women received Botox injections before finding out that they were pregnant. These babies have not necessarily shown signs of harm as a result of this, but this still does not confirm the safety of the procedure.

In an article published in Harper’s Bazaar, aesthetic physician Dr. Ravi Jain says that he recommends his for his patients “not to have any injectables unless absolutely necessary -- i.e., for health reasons.” When you are pregnant, it is advised to avoid any unnecessary actions that could potentially cause harm to the child, such as cosmetic procedures such as fillers, skin peels, and laser treatments. Dr. Jain confirms that mild superficial peels are OK, but to know that your skin may react differently than it has in the past. This difference can be credited to the changes in your hormones during the trimesters of pregnancy.

These hormones are also what causes the “pregnancy glow” that women experience while expecting. Dr. Jain argues that this glow is essentially a natural skin enhancer, therefore recommends that women enjoy this benefit of pregnancy rather than continuing to rely on cosmetic procedures that could potentially be harmful.

Here at the Health and Aesthetic Clinic, we agree it’s best to pause injectables such as Botox. After all, while Botox has wonderful medical uses for our skin and pain, it is produced from a toxin, and we can’t be sure how that may affect an unborn child. While we understand you want to appear your best self at all times, there isn’t enough research to guarantee no harm.

After you have given birth, hold off on these procedures until you are no longer breastfeeding. This will prevent any of the toxins absorbed through these treatments from being transferred to your baby through breast milk. After you stop, it is safe to resume your normal cosmetic procedures.

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, talk to Dr. F on your next visit about your beauty regime during pregnancy.

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Saturday, 03 June 2023

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