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Although “pain management” is a particular area of medical practice, each person’s pain is different. At MD Health and Aesthetic Clinic, we offer both traditional and alternative solutions to help manage chronic pain.

As a holistic care practice, we take into consideration your history, lifestyle, type of pain, and many other factors before offering solutions for your pain management. Together we can decide if physical therapy or another non-medicinal approach will work for you. If not, we can offer a variety of treatments including:

● Cortisone - Injections of this drug are administered to reduce inflammation. They can also be used to help with some skin conditions.
● Topical reduction of inflammation
● BotoxⓇ - This versatile treatment is known for fixing wrinkles, but can dramatically help those with chronic pain. Injections can target migraines with very few side effects or risks.
● Reconstituted platelet injections - We can take advantage of your platelet’s natural properties, who act similar to stem cells and when injected into the site of pain my restore tissue. This works well for areas with damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This treatment is often used on joints.

Dr. Flachofsky managed her own pain clinic since 2007. Contact us to make an appointment so we can find the best path for your pain management.

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